Live, online class using Bulgarian Bags & Kettlebells combined with recovery methods to keep you at the forefront of intentional training


You shouldn’t have to be an expert who stays on top of all the latest information to have workouts that both challenge and balance your body.

Your Body Is A Beautifully Balanced Biological System

Biology breaks when you treat it like a mere machine.


An engine will run until it breaks down. On the other hand, your body will adapt, repair, and become something new...if you treat it right. 


Intentional workouts are designed to address the many overlooked aspects of the body that need attention if you want all of the great results training can bring to you.

Exercise is stress. If you only pour on stress you will break down. Instead, intentional workouts allow you to stress your body in the presence of movements and practices that allow the stress to build you up instead of break you down.


Bags and Bells gives you the cutting edge information I incorporate into my own training without having to spend years of research on it yourself.

  • Rotation is central to most human movement, but normal gym exercises like squats, deadlifts, presses don’t touch it. Some people will train rotation, but none of the common approaches come close to the effectiveness of the Bulgarian Bag at training powerful, controlled rotation.

  • One of the most important forms of strength correlated with longevity is grip strength. The barbell is actually suboptimal at developing a powerful grip. However, the Bulgarian Bag was developed specifically for wrestlers and develops impressive grip strength. When combined with a Kettlebell, the type of grip conditioning you get is both crushing, and one that has the endurance to last a long time.

  • Simply breathing hard doesn’t come close to maximizing your conditioning. You’ll get FAR more for your effort when every element is intentionally chosen: sequence of movements, rest periods, tempo, volume, and more. 

  • Precise (myofascial) stretches that undo the stresses of training are essential for increased joint freedom and being able to feel both powerful and relaxed.

  • The magic is in the details and every week you’ll receive expert level coaching so you get an amazing return on your fitness investment. 

  • The spine is king. Yet, most movements train the spine only in the center line leaving you vulnerable as you rotate and move laterally. Bags and Bells trains your spine to be strong and healthy.


Bags and Bells is a once a week, online class using the Bulgarian Bag and Kettlebell. Every aspect of intentional workouts is included.


  • Live Weekly Zoom Workout (24 hour viewing)

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  • Live Weekly Zoom Workout (7 day viewing)

  • Equipment Discounts

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Equipment to Make You Stronger Than You Look


The Bulgarian Bag was originally designed for training Olympic wrestlers. 


The beautiful thing is, you don't need to be a wrestler to experience and enjoy the impressive results that come from training with it intentionally.


You'll be able to grab, hold, and rotate with strength and power that most implements simply cannot train.


The offset center of mass in a kettlebell teaches you how to safely and effectively move weight around even when it is unbalanced (like most objects in real life).


The Kettlebell trains strength, flexibility, and cardio simultaneously, which is nearly impossible to achieve with most other conventional fitness tools. 

If you want to be stronger than you look, train to control weights that are fighting hard to throw you off balance.

Don’t Have a Bulgarian Bag?

I’ll Help You Get One.

I’ll cover your first month of Bags and Bells so you can put that money toward your Bulgarian Bag. The rotation and grip training alone make a Bulgarian Bag worth it and there’s so much more. 


The biggest obstacle most people have is that they don’t have a Bulgarian Bag...yet.


Problem solved. 


Use the link below to order your Bag. When you join Bags and Bells, simply email the receipt from your new Bag order to: support@MikeSalemi.io for confirmation.


In the U.S.- use this link to order & email a copy- support@mikesalemi.io

Outside the U.S.- email a copy, or picture of the order receipt for your Suples Bulgarian Bag

Balance High Performance With Feeling Great

Your body won’t find the balance of performance AND feeling great until you give it what it needs: what I call intentional programming. 


If you want to go on the discovery process like I did, you can commit to the years, the study, and money to get that insight. And more power to you! Get in touch if you want my guidance on what was most helpful for my process. But if you want the benefit without going through the labor yourself, Bags and Bells is for you. 


You can have high performance AND feel great. You can challenge your body but walk around feeling mobile and relaxed instead of tight and sore. You can use your training to build energy for accomplishing what you really care about in life.

Explosive Power and Strength in 360 Degrees Balanced with Feeling Relaxed and Mobile.


Let's Go!

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